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cute oc again, holla. 

Leo Love Swing aha

Welcome to Night Vale: Carlos and Cecil designs

Loosely Steampunk inspired. 

Cute lesbian school girl OCs. 

Nora and Miima are like my babies of babies, I effing love them. 

Some transparent sadstuck with John and Vriska, enjoy. 

Full res

OC junk. 

Brief Announcements.

A few minor edits have been made to this blog. The “Prices” section is an updated version of my commission information. I have also swapped the “Main” link that usually would send you barreling into my personal blog for a “Store” link which, as you might have guessed, will send you to my Etsy store for goodies. 

In addition to that, for all of you that have never actually looked upon the blog page itself and have instead followed this mayhem via a different button, there is a donations clicker in the description of my art blog. Why point this out you might ask. Well that is because, the more donations I might receive, the more artwork I will feel obligated to push out for free.

Don’t forget that I also do enjoy comments upon my artwork, including constructive criticism.  

Centaurea cyanus, Dear Marco. 

Tumblr still likes fauns right? Because this boy is adorable. 

Not exactly sure he signed up for the snoring, heaven knows he was prepared for the drool tho.