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prinnywarriorknightofspace asked:
»your an amazing artist! that pic of john trapped behind glass made me think of how the others would react, i think nepeta would be surprised to see her own reflection«

Oh! Thanks a bunch!

I was actually planning on maybe doing more of those kinds of pictures, just working out the details of them now C: 

Nepeta would be so surprised she would scratch the glass lmao

gaydar-for-butts asked:
»Oh look it's the person who have me free art at shuto«

v wv I probably did! I hope you enjoy it!

The monster that surrounds you, that never ending insecurity.. is real. 

I’m just so fucking proud of this you don’t even know guys. 

Without all the smoke crap. 

Finally done after sitting around for a year almost done. 

Enjoy this crap. 

Good of 8ad, the true test to 8eing a hero is 8eing a8le to take that second leap. 

Sometimes it’s not easy being a super heroine. 

Story notes: Shoulders of Atlas

Artemis (see image above) is the main character of our story. 

Suffering from a rather incurable depression, she signs herself up for a drug testing for a cure all medication. Arches and pains, measles and mumps, any sickness mental or physical could be cured using it. Weeks after her testing, it is deemed a failure in the eyes of the immediate scientific community.

Upon returning to work with nothing to help her miserable mood, Artemis discovers an odd change to herself whenever she is around her supervisor. She seems full of energy, strong and joyful.Naturally her immediate reaction is that she is in love with him. 

Upon the stereotypical shy heroine personality trait of then trying to avoid him, she discovers then that she has become super fast, super strong, and all kinds of inhuman when she is within 10 meters of him. 

Thus the life of a rather odd super heroine is born. 

More like what a couple of douche bags, am i right?

silliness levels are at an all time high, sorry. 

Sleepy Puppies

– Sung by Jeremy Shada Lyrics by Rebecca Sugar.